Join us as we serve through our local missions. To experience the uplifting power of volunteering firsthand, please consider joining one of our outreach opportunities.

…’Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did it to me’…

Matthew 25:40

Ways to Volunteer

We welcome your help serving residents and staff at Crossroads Hope Academy (CHA) on Tuesday evenings.

From helping providing the prepared food to serving the meals to cleaning up the kitchen afterwards- help is needed and appreciated. 

Please use this link to sign up where available. 

Let your neighbors at Babcock Ranch know that the Community Church is active and all are invited. 

Pick up table, chairs, TCC banner, water, mints and brochures at Pastor Matt’s home (42319 Saddleback Trail) at 5:30 pm. Set up in Founders Square and be available for approximately an hour.

Be a smiling and welcome face at a well attended and favorite event. Encourage everyone to join us at church!

Sign up for your available Friday here. 

Join us once a month as we gather to make sandwiches that will be distributed to organizations who serve the under-resourced in our area.

We need people to assist with shopping, assembling and delivery of the sandwiches.

Please sign up here for the day and task you are available for. 
*Donations to support this outreach are also welcome.

There are several ways you can help. Please use this sign-up Genius link to let us know you will be available to help.

Here are the responsibilities for the different volunteer roles:

Our hospitality team begins early to ensure that guests to worship have the items they need in place for a meaningful worship experience. It is recommended that the hospitality team members arrive one hour before to prepare the space. The hospitality team will first begin brewing coffee, set out coffee supplies, water with aluminum cups, donuts, guest book, visitor gifts, pens, and name tag board.

It is recommended that our greeters arrive at least 30 minutes prior to worship to ensure those arriving early receive a warm welcome greeting, “So good to see you”, “Welcome to The Community Church”, “We are so happy you’re here”. We try not to use “How are you?” as a greeting unless we are aware of a specific situation that warrants the ask. We all know the usual response to that greeting. Please wear a warm and welcoming smile. We ask that greeters try not to engage in lengthy conversations to ensure all our visitors and returning friends get a warm welcome. We also ask that greeters make their way to the exit prior to the end of service to ensure people participating in worship are also sent home with a warm smile and send off. While greeting, if anyone has specific questions for the pastor, please note their name and question and pass that note on to the ushers.

Our ushers help those in worship to find the most comfortable seating option and also keep an eye out for people who arrive late to ensure they have an escort to help them comfortably find a seat. It is good for our ushers to arrive 30 minutes early to ensure smooth flow for those being seated. During the distribution of communion, ushers direct each section towards the closest communion station. Ushers also take note of anyone who is not able to come forward so that following the distribution the pastor can bring communion to them. Ushers also help prepare the pastor for closing prayers by collecting prayers from those in attendance and from our prayer box. Following communion, one usher will bring prayer cards or a single card with prayers collected and clearly written for closing prayers at the end of service.

Communion Assistant: Join the pastor at the altar following the Lord’s Prayer to help with the distribution of the elements. The communion assistant will help in distribution of the wine/grape juice. You will also join the pastor to serve anyone in the congregation who is not able to come to the front of the worship area. Following communion distribution please serve the pastor offer the bread and wine to close communion distribution. Serving words: Bread “body of Christ given for you”, Wine/Juice “blood of Christ shed for you” Please check in with the pastor before worship begins. Starting in February 2023 we will implement two communion stations during worship, one for each seating section.

Reader: Readers are asked to share one or two assigned readings. If you volunteer to read, you will be given the reading in advance to help you prepare. Readers are invited forward following the Growing Gratitude segment of our worship service. When reading, please speak into the microphone so the community can hear you. If you have any questions about the assigned readings, please let the pastor know in advance.

Set-Up: During this season of our church, set-up and pack-up are a very important part of our process. We ask our set-up volunteers to arrive at the site of worship at 8:30am as worship begins at 10:00am. Set-up volunteers will help carry items from the trailer into the worship area. Chairs should be set-up as a part of our rental agreement with the HOA, but there is a possibility that volunteer will be setting up chairs. We will have a diagram/photo of the worship space layout for a reference. Set-up volunteers will also be responsible for placing the black-out shades on the 3 windows in the cafeteria space. Set-up volunteers will help to set speakers, run power and audio chords, and move tables as needed.

Pack-Up: It is our goal to leave the rental space even better than it was when we arrived. We should not have to worry about moving chairs back into the storage area, but we will need to be prepared if it is required. It is important that we place items back in their respective totes. Power and a/v chords are separated, and worship supplies will also have their own dedicated totes. All carts should be empty so they can be loaded on the trailer. All items can be carried out to the sidewalk near the trailer so they can be loaded in the way that helps us transport things safely. Pack-up volunteers will be asked to remain up to one hour following services.

Each quarter we gather under one of the Shade Arbors in Founders Square for our quarterly community clean-up. The clean-up goes from 8:00am to 11:30am. Participants choose an area to walk and collect what has been discarded. Items are sorted for recycle, weighed, and documented. Our findings are sent to the Keep Charlotte Beautiful team so data can be collected. You can register by clicking here.

Every Tuesday The Community Church visits Crossroads Hope Academy to feed the staff and residents there. CHA is a foster home located on Bermont Rd., right around the corner from Babcock Ranch. To learn more click here. 

“I am blessed to worship with The Community Church (TCC) here in Babcock Ranch.
TCC is a welcoming, loving, inclusive, faith-based community seeking to serve
ALL people with LOVE following the commandments that Jesus has given us.
Matthew 22:37 & 39 – Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your 
soul and all your mind. ……and ….Love your neighbor as yourself
I encourage you to gather with us in community – to serve, to live, to love and to
share with friends and neighbors. Come be a part of a growing, loving community.”

Peace, Love and All good things –
Marty Knight

Spiritual Gifts Assessment Tool: To access a questionnaire that will help you to eveluate your personal spiritual gifts, click here.  If you need assistance with this process, you are welcome to contact Pastor Matt.