House Church for 8 21 22

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House Church 8 14 22

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House Church for August 7 2022

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Church at Cypress Lodge July 31, 2022

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/eKC-2uHith/

Guest Pastor, Rev. Rusty May brings the word on this Sunday. Message: “Being Rich Toward God”

We are now broadcasting and posting from our new Facebook page: The Community Church. The shortcut for the search is @BRFaithLife Thank You!

House Church for July 24, 2022

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House Church for July 17, 2022

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Worship at Cypress Lodge July 10, 2022

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House Church for July 3, 2022

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House Church for Sunday, June 26
House Church for June 19, 2022 Father’s Day

FB Live Service Link:https://fb.watch/dVP2uVE2C9/

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/dT29G5_snL/

House Church for June 12, 2022 Holy Trinity Sunday

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/dT2GoTEHEE/

House Church for June 5, 2022 Pentecost Sunday

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/dT2JLhheHY/

Outdoor Worship on May 29, 2022

FB Live Service Link 1: https://fb.watch/dT2OjLv4Oz/

FB Live Service Link 2: https://fb.watch/dT2QzXK6dx/

FB Live Service Link 3: https://fb.watch/dT2SflYzrN/

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House Church for May 22, 2022

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Outdoor Worship on May 15, 2022

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/dT2_6bJ7xN/

House Church for May 8, 2022 Mother’s Day

TCC presents House Church for May 8, 2022 Mother’s Day Message: “Volume”

Readings: Acts 9: 36 – 43, John 10: 22 – 30

Music: “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”, “In Christ Alone”, “New Wine”, “Yes I Will”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cXItWlKhT8/

TCC Presents House Church for May 1, 2022 Message: “Past – Tents”

Reading: Acts 9: 1 – 9

Music: “Stronger”, “In Christ Alone”, “Be Thou My Vision”, “Mighty To Save”

YouTube Service Link: https://youtu.be/u02OwAsutNY

TCC Presents House Church for April, 24 2022 Message: “Hand Over The Keys”

Reading: John 20: 19 – 31

Music: “Stronger”, “In Christ Alone”, “Breathe”, “Blessed Be Your Name”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cXJaqatWIh/

TCC Presents Easter Worship in Founder’s Square 2022 Message: “All-Inclusive”

Readings: Luke 24: 1 – 7, Luke 24: 8 – 12

Music: “Lift High The Cross”, “Jesus Christ Is Risen Today”, “In Christ Alone”, “Lamb of God”, “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”, “Praise The Lord Almighty”, “Graves Into Gardens”, “How Great Is Our God”, “How Great Thou Art”.

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cXJjHeN-ze/

TCC Presents Outdoor Church April 10, 2022 Message: “Both/And”

Readings: Philippians 2: 5 – 11, Luke 19: 29 – 40

Music: “Open The Eyes Of My Heart”, “In Christ Alone”, “I Love You Lord”, “Yes And Amen”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cXJGVn8m24/

TCC Presents House Church for 4/3/2022 10:00 a.m. Message: “Un-inhibited”

Readings: Isaiah 43: 16 – 21, John 12: 1 – 8

Music: “Cornerstone”, “In Christ Alone”, “Holy Spirit”, and “Forever”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cbhF_U_b3h/

TCC Presents Outdoor Church from Lake Babcock Estates green space 3/27/22 10:00 a.m. Message: “Deserving”

Readings: Luke 15: 1 – 3, 11 – 32

Music: “Good Grace”, “In Christ Alone”, “It Is Well with My Soul”, and “Graves to Gardens”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cbiodNnxMM/

TCC Presents Outdoor Worship from the community garden in Lake Timber 3/20/22 10:00a.m.

Hakes Baptisms, Message: “Your Invited” (to get sprinkled)

Readings: Isaiah 55: 1 – 9, Luke 13: 1 – 9

Music: “Blessed Be Your Name”, “In Christ Alone”, “Sanctuary”, and “Build Your Kingdom Here”

FB Live Service Link: https://fb.watch/cbh-AjUCO2/

TCC Presents House Church for 3/13/22 10:00 a.m. Message: “Facing Opposition”

Readings: Psalm 27, Luke 13: 31 – 35

Music: “Here I Am To Worship”, “In Christ Alone”, “You Are My King”, and “How Great Is Our God”.

FB Live Link: https://fb.watch/cbkT-j-F1B/

TCC Presents Outdoor Church from Lake Babcock Estates 3/6/22 10:00 a.m.

Message: “Flight and Flight”

Reading: Luke 4: 1 – 13

Music: “Amazing Grace”, “In Christ Alone”, “The Old Rugged Cross”, and “God So Loved”

FB Live Links: (We had some technical issues this day)

Link 1: https://fb.watch/cbloiN4WdS/

Link 2: https://fb.watch/cblql3RuOu/

TCC Presents Outdoor Church near the community garden in Lake Timber 2/27/22

10:00 a.m. Message: “Previews”

Readings: Luke 9: 28 – 36

Music: “How He Loves”, “In Christ Alone”, “In The Garden”, and “Our God”

FB Live Link: https://fb.watch/cbjNi_k1CH/

TCC Presents House Church for 2/20/22 10:00 a.m. Message: “Give an inch, take a mile”

Readings: Genesis 45: 3 – 11, 15 and Luke 6: 27 – 38

Music: “Open the Eyes of My Heart”, “In Christ Alone”, “Sanctuary”, and “Who You Say I Am”.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/bmyE-RVBsD/

TCC Presents House Church for 2/13/22 10:00 a.m. Message: “Posture, Place, and Purpose”

Readings: 1 Corinthians 15: 12 – 20, Luke 6: 17 – 26

Music: “Build Your Kingdom Here”, “In Christ Alone”, “Down to the River to Pray”, “Crowded Table”.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/bmylAzoFVP/

TCC Presents a series of outdoor worship, “Green Spaces” 2/6/22 Worship at Lake Timber’s community garden. Message: “10,000 Pieces”

Readings: Isaiah 6: 1 – 8, Luke 5: 1 – 11

Music: “Revelation Song”, “In Christ Alone”, “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, “10,000 Reasons” (Bless The Lord)

Service Link: https://fb.watch/bmtwYVpCtp/

TCC Presents a series of outdoor worship, “Green Spaces”. 1/30/22 Worshipping in Lake Babcock green space. Message: “Plan A”

Readings: Jeremiah 1: 4 – 10, Luke 4: 21 – 30

Music: “King of My Heart”, “In Christ Alone”, “Just A Closer Walk With Thee”, and “Friend of God”.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/aVlegr9QB_/

Weather of the day: 39 degrees, light breeze, full sun

Thank You Volunteers!

TCC Presents a series of outdoor worship, “Green Spaces”. 1/23/22 Worshipping in The Community Garden, Lake Timber. Message: “Bivocational”

Readings: 1 Corinthians 12: 12 – 31, Luke 4: 14 – 21

Music: “Yes I Will”, “In Christ Alone”, “I Love You Lord”, “Blessed Be Your Name”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/aVkW97y8Lu/

Weather for the day: 55 degrees, light rain, light breeze.

Thank You Volunteers!

TCC Presents “Almost Church Outside” 1/16/22 Message: “A Sign Of The Times”

Today there were tornado warnings in our area, so we were not able to worship outside.

Reading: John 2: 1 – 11

Music: “New Wine”, “In Christ Alone”, “In The Garden”, “Stand In Your Love”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/aE7igfn1Mc/

TCC Presents House Church for 1/9/22 Message: “Dunk, Dip, Sprinkle”

Readings: Acts 8: 14 – 17, Luke 3: 15 – 17, 21 – 22

Music: “Lord, I Need You”, “In Christ Alone”, “One Bread, One Body”, “The Way” (New Horizon).

Service Link: https://fb.watch/aE6I4c1ZUT/

TCC Presents House Church for 1/2/22 Message: “In, With, and Under”

Readings: Ephesians 1: 3 – 15, John 1: 10 – 18

Music: “Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus”, “In Christ Alone”, “Surely The Presence Of The Lord Is In This Place”, “Build Your Kingdom Here”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/aE6fQKdbxy/

TCC Presents “Come to the Garden”, a worship service at the community garden in Babcock Ranch 12/26/21 10:00 a.m. Message: “Growing Up In Church”

Readings: 1 Samuel 2: 18 – 20, 26

Music: “Good Grace”, “In Christ Alone”, “Amazing Grace”, “How Great Is Our God”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/acemKUPE4i/

TCC Presents Christmas Eve Candlelight at Cypress Lodge 12/24/21 8:30 p.m. Message: “C.P.R.”

Readings: Luke 2: 1 – 20

Music: “Joy to the World”, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, “The First Noel”, “Go Tell It on the Mountain”, “Mary Did You Know”, “Silent Night”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/acdNDVuSkh/

TCC Presents House Church 12/19/21 10:00a.m. Message: “90 Miles”

Advent 4

Reading: Luke 1: 39 – 55

Music: “Cornerstone”, “In Christ Alone”, “When Peace Like A River”, “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/acdgBpxWkb/

TCC Presents House Church 12/12/21 10:00a.m. Message: “Directions”

Advent Week 3

Readings: Isaiah 12: 2 – 6, Luke 3: 7 – 18

Music: “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee”, “In Christ Alone”, “There’s Something About That Name”, and “Build Your Kingdom Here.”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9Um5nrSh0M/

TCC Presents House Church 12/5/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Fingerprints”

Advent Week 2

Readings: Philippians 1: 3 – 11, Luke 3: 1 – 6

Music: “Crowded Table”, “In Christ Alone”, “Revelation Song”, and “Forever”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9UlGrNWf_7/

TCC presents House Church 11/28/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Take A Number”

Advent Week 1

Readings: Jeremiah 33: 14 – 16, Luke 21: 25 – 36

Music: “Open Up The Heavens”, “In Christ Alone”, “Here I Am To Worship” and, “Blessed Be Your Name.”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9UlbaWLQDU/

TCC presents “Together We Give Thanks”, a Thanksgiving Eve worship service at Cypress Lodge in Babcock Ranch, Florida. Message: “Easier Said Than Done”

Readings: 1 Timothy 2: 1 – 7, Matthew 6: 25 – 33

Music: “Open Up The Doors”, “Good Grace”, “Yes And Amen”, “Doxology”, “Crowded Table”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9xg6lOWISt/

TCC presents House Church 11/21/2021 10:00a.m. Message “God Is Bigger Than…”

Readings: Revelation 1: 4 – 8, Psalm 93

Music: “You Are My King (Amazing Love)”, “In Christ Alone”, “Sanctuary”, “King of Kings”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9xfM4yBNzg/

TCC presents House Church 11/14/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Sitting With Skeptics”

Readings: Hebrews 10: 19 – 25 (NRSV), Mark 13: 1 – 8 (NRSV)

Music: “It Is Well”, “In Christ Alone”, “How He Loves”, and “How Great Is Our God”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9j-yomwTSq/

TCC presents House Church 11/7/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Awaken”

Readings: Isaiah 25: 6 – 9 (The Message) , John 11: 32 – 44 (NRSV)

Music: “Good Grace”, “In Christ Alone”, “Amazing Grace”, and “Yes I Will”

Service Link: https://fb.watch/9j-CbbAn1h/

TCC presents House Church 10/31/2021 10:00am Message: “Continuity”

Readings: Psalm 46 (NRSV), John 8: 31 – 36 (NRSV)

Music: “Holy Spirit” Francesca Battistelli, “In Christ Alone” Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, “Be Thou My Vision” Public Domain, “Cornerstone” Vertical Worship.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/92Nwh4tB09/

TCC presents House Church 10/24/2021 10:00am Message: “Jesus Opens Our Eyes”

Readings: Hebrews 7: 23 – 28 (NRSV), Mark 10: 46 – 52 (NRSV)

Music: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” Helen H. Lemmel, “In Christ Alone”, “Here I Am To Worship”, and “Blessed Be Your Name”.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/8SWqa7I5qV/

The Community Church Charter Member Celebration

TCC Presents House Church 10/17/21 10:00am Message: “Reserved Seats” Membership Celebration.

Readings: Isaiah 53: 4 – 12, Mark 10: 35 – 45

Music: “Open Up The Doors”, “In Christ Alone”, “10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)”, “Open Up The Heavens”.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/8SWsWX7wlD/

TCC presents House Church 10/10/21 Message: “Alternate Endings”

Readings: Amos 5: 6 – 7, 10 – 15 (The Message Paraphrase), Hebrews 4: 12 – 16

Music: “New Wine” Brook Ligertwood, “In Christ Alone” Keith Getty, Stuart Townend, “Amazing Grace” Public Domain, “Who You Say I Am” Ben Fielding, Rueben Morgan

Service Link: https://fb.watch/92Pg9BStjz/

TCC House Church 9/12/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Redefining Win”

Readings: James 3: 1 – 12 (NRSV), Mark 8: 27 – 38 (NLT)

Music: “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” – Patsy Cline, “In Christ Alone” – Keith and Kristyn Getty, “Breathe” – Michael W. Smith, “Open The Eyes of My Heart” – Paul Baloche.

TCC House Church 9/5/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “Filling The Page”

Readings: Isaiah 35: 4 – 7 (NRSV), Mark 7: 24 – 37

Music: “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” – Helen H. Lemmel, “In Christ Alone” – Keith and Kristyn Getty, “There’s Something About That Name” – Gloria Gaither and William J. Gaither, “Lord I Need You” – Jesse Reeves, Kristian Stanfill, Matt Maher, Christy Nockels, and Daniel Carson.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sk3_UWyXR/

TCC House Church 8/29/2021 10:00a.m. Message: “The 5 Second Rule”

Readings: Mark 7: 1 – 8, 14 – 15, 21 – 23 and Psalm 15

Music: “You Are My King ” (Amazing Love) – Billy James Foote, “In Christ Alone” – Keith and Kristyn Getty, “Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary” – John W. Thompson and Randy Scruggs, “Yes I Will” – Eddie Hoagland, Jonathan Smith, and Mia Fields.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sk_kFdGBS/

House Church 8/22/2021 10:00am Message “Difficult Conversations”

Readings: John 6: 60 – 69 NRSV, Ephesians 6: 10 – 20 NLT

Music – “Good Grace” – Hillsong, “In Christ Alone” – Keith and Kristyn Getty, “The Heart of Worship” – Matt Redman, and “Blessed Be The Name” – Matt Redman and Beth Redman.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sl1J3P0dI/

House Church 8/15/2021 10:00am Message “Setting Up Shop”

Readings: Luke 1: 46 – 55, Psalm 34: 1 – 9 (both readings from NRSV)

Music: “King of Kings”-Hillsong , “In Christ Alone”- Keith and Kristyn Getty, “Lord, Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary”- Randy Scruggs, “Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone”- Christ Tomline

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sl5C_wQtk/

August 8, 2021 Worship

8/8 Bible Readings: John 6: 41 – 51 (Message) Ephesians 4: 25 – 5: 2 (NLT)

8/8 Music: “Open the Eyes of My Heart” by Michael W. Smith, “In Christ Alone” by Keith Getty, “Out of Hiding” by Steffany Gretzinger, and “10,000 Reasons Bless the Lord” by Matt Redman.

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sl9dvINe5/

Join us for worship on August 1st at 10:00am. We will gather at 42319 Saddleback Trail in the Lake Timber neighborhood, Babcock Ranch, Florida

Service Link: https://fb.watch/7Sld1fvczR/

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